Request for bibliographical data


Dear Colleagues,

this Online-bibliography is yours to use and yours to feed. I would be happy to include all bibliographical information sent to me, be it your own publications, be it books and articles that you consider important for inclusion.

Please, send items with name of author, title, place of publication, year and pages (where applicable). Hebrew titles should be in Hebrew.

Please include a (short) list of possible keywords with every item and list piyyutim and poems dealt with, edited, translated or analyzed in the publication. It would be greatly appreciated if you could list the names of poets both in a simple English transcription and in Hebrew.

In the case of books, I would appreciate receiving an electronic version of the index of poems edited, to be included in the bibliography according to poems (currently a sad affair …).

I would like to include unpublished Master-thesis and dissertations if at least one copy is available in a library.

If you want me to advertise your new book on the “recently published” page, please, send a digitalized image of the front cover and a short text. If the book is available at an online-shop, I’m willing to include a link.

If articles are available in an accessible online version, I would like to include a link.



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